I’m Sandra Lax. Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, public speaker and Daring Way™ Facilitator. I believe we all have the power to lead deeply fulfilling, bold and brave lives; no matter what we have struggled with. My work is about opening the dialogue on connection, worthiness, and our most intimate relationships. My career started by working at rehab clinics throughout North America, including The Meadows, a world-renowned facility that continues to set the gold standard for mental healthcare.

I have run a thriving private practice in Toronto since 2012, and also facilitate Daring Greatly™ workshops for individuals, organizations and corporations. These workshops offer participants the practical tools to create a life in line with their deepest desires. I am a frequent guest speaker and contributor to radio shows (Passion With Dr. Laurie); podcasts (Codependency No More); blogs (Pornhub’s Sexual Wellness Center); retreats (The Yoga Weekend); and a panel expert.

In the last decade of working with individuals, couples, groups, and families, I have seen the extraordinary way that trauma, mental health and compulsivity issues fracture the self, relationships, and connection to the world. My mission is to support those who are suffering so that they can reclaim themselves, reconnect in relationships and engage in life fully. I use a client-centred and creative approach to healing; guiding each individual through their unique circumstances and challenges. All treatment is provided in a safe and confidential environment. I believe that when we have an understanding of our vulnerabilities, strengths and boundaries, we become more aligned with our purpose and potential. I’m here to help you do that.