I’m Sandra Lax. Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, public speaker and Daring Way™ Facilitator. I believe we all have the power to lead deeply fulfilling, bold and brave lives; no matter what we have struggled with.

My work is about opening the dialogue on connection, worthiness, and our most intimate relationships. My career started by working at rehab clinics throughout North America, including The Meadows, a world-renowned facility that continues to set the gold standard for mental healthcare. I have run a thriving private practice in Toronto since 2012.

My specialty in sex addiction allows me to lead conversations about topics that many people shy away from. These include healthy sexuality; body love; the #MeToo Movement and survivors of sexual abuse; vulnerability; mental health; and healing from addiction. Inspired by outliers who dream big, my teachers include Dr. Brené Brown, who pioneered groundbreaking research on vulnerability, courage, shame and empathy. I facilitate workshops using Dr. Brené Brown’s Daring Way™ curriculum; teaching people how to nourish their relationship with themselves so that they can show up, be seen and live brave. I am also a frequent guest speaker and contributor to radio shows (Passion With Dr. Laurie); podcasts (Codependency No More); blogs (Pornhub’s Sexual Wellness Center); and at leadership events (#movethedial Stories).