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Dreaming Big: Alignment & Flow State

Creativity is the purest expression of our divinity.
— Adam Roa

Lately I've been dreaming big and tapping in, embracing a flow state as ideas move through me. Creativity is bigger than us, and it's not always convenient. Sometimes it means throwing off the covers at 4am and hammering out a passion project proposal or sending off an email that can't wait until 8am.

Have you felt tapped in to your creativity lately? If not, I recommend two things: Elizabeth Gilbert's book, Big Magic, filled with lines like (hold on, opening to a random page and writing the first thing I see): "It isn't always comfortable or easy—carrying your fear around with you on your great ambitious road trip, I mean—but it's always worth it, because if you can't learn to travel comfortably alongside your fear, then you'll never be able to go anywhere interesting or do anything interesting."  

I also recommend checking out Adam Roa, a man who inspires me with his journey. Tonight he's launching a course on Facebook Live, called Unlock Your Inner Artist. You can watch that at 6PM EST through his Facebook page. 

May this month bring you closer to creativity, connection and inspiration.

Warmly, Sandra

Sandra Lax