Be present, breath, feel, find moments to be still, love, rest, and live as much as you can. You are not alone.



We Feel When We're Touched By Divinity

What comes from the heart enters the heart.
— Joe Biden's adaptation of a Talmud teaching

I took some time this month to immerse myself in the jungle of Nosara, Costa Rica. What started as a family vacation grew into an experience of adventure, love and belonging with new friends, communities and adopted families. My path became exceptionally clear, and with that clarity came this message: We are most alive when we are in alignment with divinity, and we are more inclined to be this way when we are living in line with the natural world. That means feeling the sand underneath our feet. Swimming or surfing in the vast ocean. Celebrating the sunset through gathering. Eating fresh fruit. Laughing and dancing with our loved ones. Looking up and seeing the stars. 

My intention moving forward is to integrate this experience in the work that I do in service with you. 

Warmly, Sandra

Sandra Lax