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Rising & Living Your Dreams

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.
— Oprah

Last weekend I had the honour of guiding 8 brilliant women through Brené Brown's Rising Strong™ curriculum. For those of you who don't know, this workshop is for the brave and brokenhearted, those who dare to be who they truly are. Whether individuals are healing from rejection, criticism, or personal/professional loss, we look at how to cultivate a resilient spirit, own our story, and write a daring new ending. 

Here's what one group member said: 

"I am so grateful for everything I learned from the weekend. A successful weekend in all the brave and transformative ways. I feel strong, integrated and better equipped to be a better friend to myself and others. Vulnerable too and I love that. To have the tools of self-awareness is one liberating thing but to see yourself reflected by others' experiences, no matter how divergent, is powerful and sublime." 

One of the themes that emerged from the workshop was how to be with yourself in the face of major life transitions. There are two options: respond in fear, or lead with love. As author Gary Zukav writes in his book, Seat Of The Soul: "When the personality comes to fully serve the energy of the soul, that is authentic power." 



Sandra Lax