Rising Strong™ is an interactive workshop based on Dr. Brené Brown’s 15+ years of ground-breaking research. It’s for the brave and brokenhearted—those who dare to be who they truly are. The nature of vulnerability is that if we’re brave enough, often enough, we’ll surely fall. Whether you’re healing from rejection, criticism, personal/professional loss, or navigating a life transition—we look at how to cultivate a resilient spirit, own our story, and write a daring new ending for it.

After attending Rising Strong™, you’ll be able to:
· Identify the relationships between your emotions, thoughts, and behaviour
· Process difficult emotions in a more grounded way
· Understand the anatomy of trust
· Rise from difficulty with more resilience
· · Have a healthier relationship with setbacks so that you can continue to rise to your full potential

This workshop is ideal for individuals, leaders and teams.